Sunday, September 19, 2010

Menu Plan

Consider yourself warned: if you're ever at my place watching a movie alongside myself and Mr. Grok, you should be prepared for irreverent running commentary fit for the likes of Mystery Science Theater 3000. We love time loop series (Back to the Future, the Terminator series, Crichton's Timeline, etc.) or historical epics, wherein we continuously critique the timeline inconsistencies.

As it turns out, last night my husband and I watched the movie 10,000 B.C. on TNT. Definitely not an Oscar contender, and more to the point: I was suspicious of Camilla Belle's immaculately plucked eyebrows - pretty anachronistic for the era, if you ask me. (*Ahem*) Anywhoo, you know you've been eating primally for a while when you watch the final scene of this movie, when the following transpires (*SPOILER ALERT*):

{...the strapping hero and his blushing bride - who belong to a tribe that subsists entirely on mastadon hunting - receive from another tribe's leader a few small bags of corn and beans to put to seed - the hailed and very romanticized beginning of agriculture...}

"No!" I said, "Don't do it!" My husband may have been snickering at me.

Here's the lineup for this week's menu:

Working out - Kettlebellin'
Breakfast - Spinach mushroom omelettes
Lunch - Asparagus taragon soup (didn't get to make this last week, hopefully this time!)
Dinner - Crock pot pineapple/tamari-marinated pork chops, spinach salads

Working out - May check out the community pool for the first time
Breakfast - Bruschetta cheese, pluots
Lunch - Banamandeln smoothie
Dinner - Spaghetti squash with a tomato and grass fed ground beef sauce - my first time making spaghetti squash as a pasta stand-in! Tips, anyone? See the spaghetti squash post - had to make it Sunday because the squash was going south! Likely will do some kind of eggs and veggies for dinner.

Workout - rest/play day
Breakfast - Scrambled eggs
Lunch - Cocoa blueberry smoothie
Dinner - Baked chicken thighs, spinach salad

Workout  - Wii Fit Plus arms rotation - pushups, planks, and side planks
Breakfast - Custards
Lunch - Loaded "big-ass" salad with leftover chicken
Dinner - Grilled skewered shrimp, baby carrots, salads

Workout - Kettlebellin'
Breakfast - Yoghurt with a bit of honey
Lunch - Picnic-ing! Probably hard boiled eggs, berries, nuts, cheese, etc. Easy finger foods. :)
Dinner - Leftovers

Ideas for preschool lunches:
Lunch #6: Banana pudding (chilled), trail mix, aged cheddar, baby carrots
Lunch #7: Bruschetta cheese tossed with tomatoes, sliced pluot, sliced green pepper with dip
Lunch #8: Custard, chicken salad from leftover chicken, broccoli with dip, peppermint patties

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