Monday, September 6, 2010

What to Do With All This Ground Beef?

My mom is now my patron saint of grass-finished ground beef acquisition; she did an evening run to the Whole Foods near her house on Friday and acquired a LOT of the on sale grass-finished ground beef at $3.99/lb., just for our family. She convinced the butcher to make some more for her as the bin was almost empty when she arrived. I will be making some eggplant lasagna in the near future for sure. :) THANKS, Mom!

Trying to think up some other ground beef recipes to apply - anybody with suggestions for primal ground beef recipes? Meatloaf didn't really fly at our dinner table a while back, though I'm open to recipes for primal mini meatballs, say for a primal adaptation of wedding soup?


  1. We like to do lettuce tacos with ground beef and, now that the weather is cooling down, I'll be making chili again. I throw in lots of veggies and the hubby and daughter eat it up. You can also find meatball & burger recipes that use almond flour at

  2. I brown ground beef with onions until caramelized, add mushrooms I've run both ways through an egg slicer and cooked a bit in butter. At that point, I take off heat, add some garlic and raw eggs, (number depends on how much burger, I use 3-4) to hold together. Clean out inside of red, yellow or green peppers, keeping them whole during the process. (I like deep red for lack of intense pepper taste.) Stuff peppers with veg mixture. If pepper does not "stand up" in its own, shave tiny bit of pepper on bottom to stabilize. You can pour coconut milk in and around these if you would like, I do it both ways. Bake @ 400 for 30-40 min depending on how many in oblong pan. Yummy little cups of burger treat.


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