Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Grok-Friendly Recipe Hunt - Joyful Abode, Including Grain-Free Granola Bars!

Joyful Abode's blog is such a breath of fresh air - real, grain-free food - and a lot of "real life" foods. Recipes that may enable me to keep my husband and 3-year-old willing to continue eating this way.

After intending to make this for a couple of weeks, I finally got around to cranking out a batch of Joyful Abode's Grain-Free Granola Bars. All I can say is: YUM. I will definitely be integrating this into rotation. Author Emily Chapelle is right; it requires a certain amount of muscle to press the bars together (and I will be pressing even harder next time), but the results are so worth it! Lightly sweet, but full-bodied with a chewy, nutty taste. All I could ask for! You'll probably see these popping up in my preschooler's lunchboxes.

Recipes like this are the reason Joyful Abode is this week's Friday Grok-Friendly Recipe Hunt. Other Joyful Abode grain-free recipes I'll be doing in the future:
Mmmmm freezable comfort foods...mmmm.

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