About The Family Grokumentarian

I am a married mother of two young girls, one of whom has sensory processing disorder. In June 2010 I decided to buckle down and try to get myself - and by extension, our family - to transition from a processed foods based lifestyle to a whole foods based lifestyle.

My favorite sensible vices include dark chocolate, the BeeGees, and Earth, Wind, and Fire. Oh yes, and sci-fi shows like the Stargate franchise and Battlestar Galactica.

I've published almost 200 of the primal / paleo lunches I've packed so far for my family. I hope that somehow this series sparks ideas for others who are trying to think up packed lunches of their own.

Sometimes I publish recipes for dishes that went over very well at home - there's a little of everything, from side dishes and veggie options, to dairy-free (or potentially dairy-free) options, to main courses, to desserts. If you try them out, please season to your liking and cook to your desired texture - I try to note the general taste/texture that results that we enjoy, but you may like something chewier, or crispier, or saltier, so taste and observe as you go along.

I am also a rarity in the primal / paleo blogosphere - a Christian who believes that God did not create or design us to subsist on white flour, sugar, and Cool Ranch Doritos (get thee behind me, indeed). I believe that He has entrusted me with my own body as a temple, and also with the health of my family, and it is my goal as the primary grocery-shopper and cook for my family to continuously research and apply the science of nutrition in order to best nourish - and thereby steward - our bodies and souls.

And finally: My kitchen is rarely sparkling clean.
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