Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lunchbox #3

Today's lunch for my preschooler featured (clockwise):
  • Cubed honeydew melon
  • Last night's "Crackeroni and Cheese"
  • Leftover pieces of grilled steak with a balsamic vinegar/sour cream dip
  • 2 almond meal/unsweetened coconut chocolate chip cookies - about half chocolate chips/half cocoa nibs. Sweetened the dough a tiny bit with palm sugar, because I thought of honey, and realized that they will pretty much digest the same way, and I didn't want the cookies to taste like honey.
  • Fresh green pepper sticks
  • Fresh cherry tomatoes


  1. How awesome are these little lunchboxes? I just came across your blog and it's so great! I WISH my preschooler and toddler would eat that food.

    Alas, I only found this primal lifestyle recently and therefore have lost so much time on the wee little ones that the change is slow and arduous.

  2. @AndreAnna, I hear you. My kids are fairly healthy eaters, but we still did a lot of grains and stuff. We just recently started the GAPS diet, and it's going to be a big adjustment for my 2 veggie haters. I'm thankful to have my oldest be out of that stage and he likes veggies. One thing you could do, is offer mostly the things you know they will at least try, and one new thing at each meal. Ask them just to try it. Don't force it, but make it a regular thing to "try" new foods. Soon, I have found they will get used to trying new things. It takes at least 15 times of seeing/trying a new food for most kids to decide if they like it enough to eat it more regularly. So, we just stay positive and keep offering at our house!


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