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Paleo Grocery Finds - What I Buy, Where: WalMart

If there's one thing that I learned long term from my years as a dedicated couponer, it is the mental exercise of skimming my grocers' shelves for price points on my regular paleo staples, and new-to-me paleo-friendly items. Even in few grocery store aisles that I shop every week, I find my eyes spontaneously flicking across each shelf, line by line, searching for novel information to plug into my brain's "product/price point" database.

Our WalMart has an
ever-improving gluten-free
section. Not necessarily
paleo, and I don't use it all the
time, but it's nice to have
there for certain occasions.

I recently realized how useful it might be to put my price points information out there - I have often been grateful to find out about paleo-friendly products at various stores from fellow real food enthusiasts, so perhaps my grocery lists will give those reading ideas about new things to look for as they're doing their grocery shopping errands. As you'll see, there are a lot of "in house" and conventional items that we buy right alongside more premium organic staples. Of course, most WalMarts with grocery sections and Super WalMarts carry a vast and varying selection of produce, eggs, meats, and fish, so your trip to WalMart may not necessarily look like ours below. But, hopefully, there will be an item or two we buy regularly that you haven't thought to check out at your own WalMart...and odds are that when you do find it, it will be very price competitive!

Prices subject to fluctuation seasonally and regionally; once you hear of something I've found, double check your own locations' stock and prices. I've put a bold  GF for "gluten free" where the product in question has been specifically marked as "gluten free".

My WalMart is not so good with its coconut milk selection. It used to carry Golden Star, which is just coconut milk and water, and comes in a green can. It wasn't always in stock, so I always grabbed a bunch when it was there. Even after I'd politely talked to a couple of managers about keeping it in stock more regularly, I mourned deeply when they instead stopped carrying it and replaced it with Imperial Dragon, whose ingredient list includes a couple of preservatives. Coconut milk is consumed so regularly at our house, including by my 3 year old daughter who has gut health issues, so finding a short ingredient list is very important to us. Now when I am in a pinch at WalMart I'll pick up Thai Kitchen's coconut milk, which still has guar gum in it, but if I plan ahead I can keep stocked with a BPA-free no-additive coconut milk via

Imperial Dragon:
This is a coconut milk I avoid;
look at the ingredient list!

Goya: Another coconut milk to avoid
because of added preservative.

My Typical WalMart Shopping List
Label for WalMart's
in-house organic milk.
No, really!?

    Besides bulk meat purchases from local farmers, WalMart and Wegmans roughly tie for getting my most grocery dollars month in, month out. Here are the things I regularly buy for our family at WalMart.
    • Organic Eggs: $4.18/doz.
    • Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk: $3.18/half gal. GF
      (I like this brand because it does not have carrageenan)
    • Organic Stonyfield whole milk (in-house): $3.58/half gal
    • 1 lb. Earthbound Farm Organic Baby Carrots: $1.94/ea. (We usually buy several pounds each visit! They go in almost every lunch we pack.)
    • Mariani honey bars: ~$4.99/5 pack - these are nuts, dried fruit, and honey  GF
      Mariani's Honey Bars. I find these by the produce section.
      I love their simple ingredient lists of nuts, fruits, and honey.
      My 6 year old daughter loves that they look like granola bars.
    • Pistachios, 32 oz.: $10.99
      VERY nice prices
      on Thai Kitchen's
      red curry paste and
      green curry paste.
    • Fischer nuts - walnuts, pecans, etc. Allergen info says processed in a plant with tree nuts but says nothing about wheat. Prices vary across sizes.
    • Bananas: $0.47/lb.
    • Blood oranges, around 8 in a 3 lb. bag: $3.88
    • 6 ct. Marketplace single serve guacamole (WalMart's in-house version of Wholly Guacamole): ~$3.88 GF
      (These are also a lunchbox staple of ours! I sometimes stick a short straw in an opened one for my 3 year old to build her oral motor muscle tone as she sucks it up like a milkshake.)
    • Wyman's frozen wild blueberries (these are teeny berries and thus great for baking): ~$0.20/oz, depending on the size bought.
    • Mezzetta Pitted Greek Kalamata Olives, 9.5 oz.: $4.72/ea. GF
    • Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste and Green Curry Paste: $2.30/jar GF
      (This is at least a dollar cheaper than almost anywhere else!)
    • Pace Salsas: ~$2.50/jar  GF
    • Local raw honey: $8.99/35 oz. jar
    • Hormel Natural preservative-free ham, turkey, and salamis: ~$2.50/pack  GF
    • Love me some olives!

    • Zico 1 L coconut water: $4.48 GF

      WalMart has fair prices on coconut water. Zico is my favorite
      brand available at our WalMart as far as taste goes.
    What paleo-friendly finds have you scouted out at WalMart?

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    1. Thanks for sharing! I don't always take the time or even have the time to truly search for Paleo items at Walmart. I just run in quick to get my basics and leave. I am excited to try the Mariani's Honey Bars.

    2. Thanks for sharing! It's nice to know that you don't have to buy everything at pricey specialty stores. This is a good reminder to look around for solid real foods at any place you like to shop. Also seems like saving money where you can makes it possible to spend money on the really important things like organic meat, dairy etc

    3. Just so you know, you can still get the wonderful Golden Star coconut milk directly from the company or through Walmart . com. There are a lot of us that called the 800 number for Walmart and let them know we really wanted the Golden Star. I live in Texas, Dallas to be exact and I got one of my local grocery store to get it in for me. So why Walmart goes through their little temper tantrum or what ever they are doing I have another way to get it!! If you happen to be in my neck of the world, Fiesta is the grocery store that can get it.

    4. Our Walmart in SW Louisiana
      Spectrum organic expeller pressed Coconut oil - $6.42/14oz
      California Ranch EVOO - $6.96/500ml
      Kerrygold butter and cheese in deli section - not strict paleo and I
      don't remember prices as we buy at Sam's Club

    5. Great finds! I'm going to be revisiting the WalMart with groceries nearest me... I don't remember them having as good of a selection, but maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough.

    6. Hi there! We are so sorry to hear your daughter has food sensitivities and that your family has been unable to locate our Coconut Milk elsewhere. We are happy to report, however, that Golden Star Coconut Milk is going back into WalMart starting in July 2013. We are still working on the list of exact stores but there is a good chance one near you will have it. Thank you for your support and, from our family to yours: Happy Eating!

    7. New starters of the paleo diet would wonder on where to find grocery things for cooking. Yours is an excellent guide. These look really cool! Thanks for sharing!

    8. our walmart carries many of these items in addition to many different organic fruits and vegetables now. if you're willing to look and read labels you can find lots of things at walmart now that are definitely paelo friendly and good for you.

    9. Walmart also carries Kerrygold butter (at least around here they do) for those using butter.

    10. If you saw how inhumane Hormel treats their animals you might reconsider your meat purchase. You are what you eat and those animals have adrenalin and cortisol running through their body :(

    11. Awesome! Some Walmarts carry applegate lunch meats and bacon too for less ��

    12. Mine has Applegate Turkey hot dogs also.

    13. For me, paleo is about sustainability as well as personal health. It's a lifestyle, not a cuisine. Walmart goes against everything I stand for, and wouldn't shop there if my life depended on it. I'm not rich, and I like saving money as much as the next person, but I won't sacrifice the health of the economy or my values to do it.

    14. They also carry Enjoy Life cookies etc...

    15. Watch out with the Hormel Natural lunchmeats. Some of them still have carrageenan in them (I figured that out the hard way). - Bethany


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