Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Progress Report - September Primal Challenge

Even though the September Primal Challenge officially started on September 7 (to allow for Labor Day indulgences), I have lost 4 lbs. since September 1. That's 4 lbs. in two weeks - 2 lb./week, which for me is more than a comfortable rate of weight loss. I even had a few days' pleateau due to the weekend trip with my inlaws, but that's to be expected when on holiday.

I've been fairly consistent - the only hiccups being my sprained ankle and the occasional dark chocolate detour, but that doesn't seem to have inordinately stalled me. Thank goodness primal lifestyle is 80% about what's at the end of my fork!

Though he has a few nonprimal vices - the odd sandwich or lunch out at work, the occasional "throwback" Dr. Pepper (contains sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup), etc., my husband lost 10 (now he tells me:) 13 lbs. over the summer without even trying - he was just generally eating what I was preparing. It goes to show how much of an influence the household's primary cook has even when other family members aren't directly involved (well, except for all the grilling my honey does - GrillMeister!).

How's your September Primal Challenge going?

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  1. Thats great stuff!!!! I wonder what you will weigh at the end of the month?


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