Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Grok-Friendly Recipe Hunt - Weelicious

This may be the start of a new feature here at Primal Kitchen - the Friday Grok-Friendly Recipe Hunt. It is a hunt, analogous to Grok sizing up his newest environs to see what looks tasty and edible.

Though Catherine McCord isn't paleo / primal, she is all about real-ingredient clean eating. My Grok-Friendly Recipe Hunt this week turned up McCord's blog She notes in her "About" page:

"When I had my kids, Kenya and Chloe, I realized that I wanted them to be exposed to seasonal, organic food that’s as pure as possible. I want them to know that food shouldn’t have to be pumped with sugar, salt and preservatives to be delicious."

What can I say? I like her style. :) Here are some paleo / primal friendly recipes that I turned up in just a short time while browsing her site. I will definitely be trying some of these out in the near future. Try her gluten free tags page for some ideas, too.

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