Friday, July 30, 2010

The Versatile Sister Slaw

Hie thee to for the Sister Slaw recipe. (Note: I have made it with and without the maple syrup and noticed no difference, ergo I forego the syrup.)

I first discovered this about a month ago while searching for a dressing to go with kale - something that up to that point I had never prepared. Now kale is part of my rotation regularly since the Sister Slaw dressing complements it so well. The original recipe writer is correct - if you give this salad a couple of good massages by hand, the dressing will distribute better and soften the kale more efficiently.

I have made it many different ways; you don't need to always have the cabbages or specific combination of veggies it mentions. I just usually cut up the kale and add whatever heartier salad-y fresh veggies I have with the dressing (good examples: cabbage, carrots, onions, peppers, cucumbers, etc.). I love the "make-ahead" convenience of it, and I really love it with a generous dose of leftover roast chicken included. It lasts in the fridge for a couple of days without wilting. Perfect fast lunch!

I call this "Dinosaur Chicken Salad" because the original recipe called for dinosaur kale, even though my local supermarket carries only curly kale. I call it "Dinosaur Chicken Salad" and make my three-year-old say, "Rawr!" like a T-Rex when we eat it. (Figuring a little extra fun can't hurt in the game to encourage veggie consumption.)

Hoping she learns to drop the rawring and keep the kale-eating by the time she goes to college.

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  1. "Hoping she learns to drop the rawring and keep the kale-eating by the time she goes to college." - I disagree - I hope she KEEPS the rawring and finds someone who appreciates her humor and lifetime love of veggies! Just found your blog and going back through your own posts. LOVE them :)


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