Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ghee, Chicken Fat, and New Veggies

I learned how to make ghee recently! Also: rendered chicken fat and rendered bacon fat. Surprisingly easier than I thought they would be - though I'd like to track down some good cheesecloth so that I'm not using paper towels every time. I want to include roasting a chicken in my weekly menu rotation, more or less, so that I have some cooking fats to work with almost every day of the week. Turns out: ghee-braised brussels sprouts were way tastier than the brussels sprouts of my childhood memory. And eggs fried in butter? Unbelievably good.

Other veggies that I've prepared for us for the first time recently:

Fried plantains
Kale (along with the Red Cabbage, in Sister Slaw, a recipe I've already made twice)
Red Cabbage

Also new to our kitchen:

Walnut oil, drizzled on salad (yum!!)
Almond butter
Wild Sockeye Alaskan Salmon

I think that we can tolerate a little more of this 'deprivation'. :)

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