Sunday, July 25, 2010

Korean Pork Ribs

I gave the Korean Ribs recipe from Mark's Daily Apple a try last weekend.

As many of the commenters on the MDA post had done, I decided to make the sauce and then pour it over the ribs in the crock pot.

Lessons learned:

1. Straining out the blackberry seeds, as one MDA reader had suggested, was a brilliant plan. The very few seeds that made it in kind of psyched me out because my brain confused them for tiny bones while chewing on a rib. Next time, I may buy straight-up blackberry juice (no other juices/sweeteners added) to save time, effort, and also punch up the tart flavor. That said, doing it with juice may render it a "special occasion" dish as it could be slightly carbier.

2. The crock pot version of these was very tender and mild - and the company served declared them tasty. I'm guessing that if they had been grilled per the recipe, they'd have had a tangier, thicker sauce.

Next to try on my ribs recipe hopper - Son of Grok's rumored-to-be-fabulous primal BBQ sauce.

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