Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Venturing into Omega-3s

I've never been a big fish person, but I'm really trying lately to broaden my horizons with seafood in my menu planning and cooking. Despite the seafood counter at my grocery store always seeming strangely exotic (hey, I'm a daughter of the Midwest, what can I say?), I've been visiting it a lot more often and making friends with the employees there. I'm learning a lot via helpful websites (eHow.com, allrecipes.com, etc.) on how to prepare the fish (scallops, crab legs, etc.), too. God bless the Internet. ('Cause otherwise I'd be relying on...my modest cookbook collection?)

To wit: This past Sunday's grilled salmon (seen below marinating).
Pretty tasty (though I would still take steak over fish almost any day).

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