Monday, July 26, 2010

Menu Plan

Breakfast - Fried eggs, coffee
Lunch - Hamburger, tomato avocado salad, blueberries (on sale at Giant this week!)
Dinner - Baked chicken thighs and Brussels sprouts

Breakfast - Cottage cheese, strawberries (also on sale at Giant this week!)
Lunch - Stir-fry scallops (on sale at Giant!), squash, and broccoli
Dinner - Scrambled eggs, bacon, fried plantains

Breakfast - Blueberry yoghurt smoothies
Lunch - Guacamole, carrots, sliced cheese, sliced apples
Dinner - Company - roasted whole chickens (on sale at Giant!), baked ginger carrots, salad

Breakfast - Omelets
Lunch - Leftover chicken, salads
Dinner - Chocolate raspberry smoothies, loaded salads

Breakfast - Cottage cheese, berries
Lunch - Banana almond butter smoothies
Dinner - Bacon and veggie quiche

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