Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Menu Ideas for NonPrimal Overnight Company

Mark Sisson once addressed a reader who wrote asking what to do with nonprimal family who would be visiting for an entire week. The gyst of the reader's question was how to plan menus, which is to say:
  • All primal, all the time?
  • Primal plus starchier nonpaleo supplemented items?
Sisson's take was that the reader should strive to make an appetizing menu as close to all-primal as possible - in this way no compromises, yet the guests would still feel satisfied without having to face a selection of more obscure grains and pseudocereals as sides. My additional thought would be that it might be important to offer a few carbs so as not to throw your guests into low-carb flu on their vacation! (I realize some people have no effects, but for the times I've done it, carb withdrawal has been...well...let's use the word uncharitable.)

With this in mind, I started daydreaming to develop what could look like a varied primal 5-day menu plan for nonprimal overnight guests. Note that this plan does not take into account any allergies that the nonprimal family may have. Note also that it is my fantasy plan in which I do not have a nursing, teething baby and a three-year-old to manage in the midst of hosting a week's worth of overnight company. :)

Day 1:
Breakfast - Fruit salad, plain organic whole milk yoghurt, honey available for drizzling
Lunch - Broiled salmon (~20 minutes in the oven or toaster oven), big-ass salads with veggies, macadamia nuts and macadamia oil dressing
Dinner - Roasted chickens, sweet potatoes, asparagus (The bonus is that you could prepare this whole meal in the oven!), berries and whipped cream

Day 2:
Breakfast - Old, Old World Waffles, via Son of Grok, with butter, whipped cream, and stovetop warmed blueberries to top
Lunch - Grilled steaks, fried plantains, leftover fruit salad, side salads
Dinner - Roast pork loin with sage, carrots, and onions in the crock pot (make double so that there's enough pork to shred for tomorrow's lunch), homemade dark chocolate almond butter cups for dessert

Day 3:
Breakfast - Fried eggs, bacon
Lunch - "Burrito Bol" style salads, with shredded leftover pork loin (seasoned spicy), whole organic sour cream, shredded rBGH-free cheese, diced tomatoes, guacamole, etc.
Dinner - Wedding soup with meatballs, wilted spinach, and sliced carmelized onions, fruit and nut crumble

Day 4:
Breakfast: Almond butter/banana smoothies (dairy cream or coconut milk optional), Bare Fruit organic Fuji apple chips with organic cream cheese + cinnamon
Lunch: A picnic! Scotch eggs, fresh apples and pears, veggie crudites (baby carrots, snow peas, etc.), aged hardened Gouda, wine of choice
Dinner: Grilled shrimp, grilled pineapple, stir-fry, almond macaroons

Day 5:
Breakfast: Quiche, whole milk, fresh fruit
Lunch: Caprese salad, marinated and broiled rosemary eggplant and mushrooms
Dinner: Butter chicken in a silky sauce, side salads, dark-chocolate-dipped strawberries

Any suggestions/links for other company-friendly primal recipes?

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