Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Salsa Guac

Sorry - no pics this time. The guacamole - served with tonight's fried tilapia - got eaten so fast that there wasn't time to compose any compelling shots. But you still get the recipe for this ridiculously easy guac! I would definitely serve this to company in the future with a veggie tray for dippin'.

Salsa Guac
Serves 1 very generously

1/2 cup of tomato-based salsa (I use a premade tomato/cilantro/lime juice based salsa from my grocery store's produce section)
1 Hass avocado

Combine the salsa with chunks of avocado - in your electric minichopper (I got mine at WalMart about 5 years back for $9.99) or your food processor. 


According to, the salsa-guac mix for 1/2 c. salsa with 1 cubed avocado is roughly:

262 calories
20 g carbs (11g fiber)
5 g protein
21 g fat (woo!)

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