Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Workout of the Week Wednesday

"Ooooof" I sighed as I stood up from this morning's breakfast table.

"Why are you going '[Oooof]', Mommy?"

Good question. Yesterday, I did a partial rendition of Mark's Workout of the Week - this week's being "Grok's Rock". I did 5 sprints, 5 lunge sets, and 5 Grok crawl sets (though I'm not sure that I had the right distances on these), and I did 3 "rock throws" - or rather in my case, hoisting (not throwing) my 25 lb. 8 month old above my head from a fully squatted position a few times per set. Meanwhile, my three-year-old had been scaling the local playground just a few feet away.

Sweet maximized gluteus, my muscles are sore. I even had a banana yesterday and they are still burnin' today. Stairs and getting up and down from a sitting position are like whoa. I take comfort, though, knowing that the revenge of lactic acid is somewhat offset by my three-year-old Grokette's noticing that I am actually making an effort to be active.

So it's a good thing -

"Well, Mommy's muscles aren't used to being exercised, so they're sore. But it's OK; I know that they'll feel better tomorrow."

"Maybe some coffee would help you feel better."

Ha! Love Grokette's logic. If only I hadn't been off caffeine since last spring, when I had become pregnant with my second. (I'm still off it, too, since I'm nursing.)

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