Sunday, August 1, 2010

Launch of Lunchbox Adventures

This spring, I bought this Laptop Lunches Bento-Style Lunchbox for my daughter for preschool, which she starts in the fall.

I'll admit, I'm getting excited in a little bit of a geeky way about preparing her lunches. I think of it as a creative challenge. (Maybe you seasoned moms out there will think to yourselves, That will get old fast.) The lunchbox is sized just right and has three lidded containers (small, medium large) and two non-lidded containers, and you can buy supplemental sets of containers to make the hustle to clean for the next day them not so urgent. (I have not contacted by Laptop Lunches to write about their lunchbox; I just so happen to like their BPA-free, phthalate-free, lead-free American-made lunchbox with water bottle and utensils, which comes in a nice kid-friendly insulated carrying case withstrap.)

For those wondering, the lidless containers still come up flush against the roof of the box, so as long as you're not putting something liquidy, puddingy, or floury, it should not spill into the rest of the lunchbox. Stuff that I would put in the lidless containers includes raw veggies (and dip in the little blue container), sliced apples, or quiches.

Oh, yea. That's right. I acquired these cuuuute little mini silicone muffin cups and plan to make miniquiches in them, and then put them in the large purple lidless container. Miniquiches are a great way to get your younger kids to work in the kitchen with you because of the tactile and uncomplicated action of putting ingredients in each (ideally pregreased) cup before pouring in the egg base. I put bowls with bits of bacon and crumbled Kerrygold Dubliner by my three-year-old, and instructed her to put them in the bottom of the muffin cups while I mixed up the egg base (1 c. organic half & half, 6 omega-3 eggs, plus seasonings to taste). After the egg base was poured in, she sprinkled dried parsley on top of each cup.

They baked up in just over 20 minutes at 375. Next time I may get wild and crazy and make crust out of crushed nuts and butter for the bottom of the cups.

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  1. I came here from your lunches post on paleohacks. I'm so glad you posted these ideas! I've been really struggling with getting my third grader to eat more paleo/primal lunches. She's refused quiches, but your idea about the child assembling rang a bell. She likes scrambled eggs, and cheese, and ham, olives, etc. So if I can get her to assemble them with me then she will SEE that she likes all the ingredients. Great idea!

  2. Glad you like the ideas - hope that you can continue to stop by. :) Anything to get the kiddoes eating real food, amiright?!

  3. I am way late to join in this fun, but Jan from the Sushi Bar just sent me your way. Your lunch box adventures might be just the thing I need to keep my kids eating healthy during the day.

  4. I make these in huge batches and freeze them. Perfect to pull out in the morning and easy to heat up.


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