Monday, August 23, 2010

Menu Plan - Carb Recovery

Vacation fare was delicious, and - due to a significant amount of planning ahead on my part - mostly primal. Throughout my journey eating primally, thus far the biggest reason for my ability to stick to cooking fresh whole foods has been planning, planning, planning. I plan before outings, I plan menus, I plan grocery shopping based on my menus. If I have what I need when I need it, there are less excuses.

The thing that drove me crazy on this past week's trip, surprisingly, was not having a scale with me. I've been weighing (and graphing said weight loss) almost daily since June, and being a few days away from home, eating primally with a few compromises, but not having a scale to see how my weight is affected - well, has left me wanting to get back to basics, primally speaking, and cut back on the sugars (man-made and natural both) this week.

Breakfast - Fried eggs
Lunch - Sauteed kale with bacon and mushrooms
Dinner - Chicken and wilted spinach in curried coconut milk soup

Breakfast - Almond butter smoothies
Lunch - Loaded cobb salads: Greens, hard-boiled eggs, salsa, avocado, pieces of chicken
Dinner - Bacon and scrambled eggs

Breakfast - Onion spinach omelettes
Lunch - Berry smoothies (berries of all kinds are on sale this week at Giant)
Dinner - Coconut lime fried tilapia with guacamole and salad

Breakfast - Blueberry custards (made with coconut milk)
Lunch - Pork vegetable soup
Dinner - Grilled shrimp and veggies on skewers

Breakfast - Coconut ginger lime smoothies
Lunch - Kitchen sink salads (whatever's available)
Dinner - Fried eggs, parsnip hash browns (will post recipe if my plan for these works out!)

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