Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ghee Whiz

After reading the MDA post Are All Butters Created Equal?, I became convicted that I need to work on my butter sourcing. I'd been using my grocery store's Nature's Promise Organic Butter, at $4.39/lb. However, it's likely grain-fed butter, so as far as I can tell I'm not exactly doing us favors by consuming it (though it's still better than conventional butter). My mom picked up some Kerrygold butter (which is grass-fed, and much lauded by Mark and MDA commenters) at Trader Joe's for us a couple of weeks back, so I'm excited to have that as a stock in our fridge. Then I was reading the MDA comments on the butters post, and I realized that there is organic grass-fed ghee out there - in glass (not plastic) jars, no less! The conjugated linoleic acid! The Vitamin K2! I immediately felt the, "Want!" urge after reading all of those reviews about the incomparable taste and texture.

But...I'm still working on the idea of a $400 grocery bill for August. This is where my budget reality and my nutritional fantasy life collide. So I cut myself a deal: At the end of August, if I am still under budget, I will probably order some of this ghee. Though judging by the reviews, it looks as though I might as well be ordering butter laced with crack cocaine. ;o)

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