Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Have a Fever, and the Cure is More Kettlebell

I didn't want to ruin my inertia created by working out the last few weeks. I went ahead and acquired a kettlebell.

(For some reason when I think about the word kettlebell, I hear a barbershop quartet singing, "Kettlebell...Kettlebelllll...Kettlebell....Ke-ttle-belll!" Anybody else? No? OK, moving right along...)

I'm not sure if I was being cocky...or conservative. I got the 25 lb. bell, which is just a bit under what my 99th percentile baby Grokina weighs. I rationalized to myself that if I could haul her around the house all day long like I do, I must have some modicum of strength enough to handle a 25 lb. kettlebell.
Egads...I watched the video of this beast Eastern European dude (complete with polka soundtrack) doing his Turkish getups over and over and over for 4 minutes (in jeans). What a HOSS. And then there's the video here of a guy doing a 6 minute Tabata workout with kettlebells:

I will consider it a success if in the next few days I can manage my first basic swinging-only two-handed kettlebell session without actually killing or maiming myself.


  1. OK, I've never seen anything like this and I must admit I'd be impressed if you only made it through one minute of something that looks this intense. Thank goodness you have that tiny 8 month old to prepare you for this type of work out.

  2. Ha - I am flattered that you think that I could do anything like this guy was doing. It will definitely be a LONG time before I attempt any of the motions involving holding a kettlebell over my head!

    This morning I did my first 6 minute workout. I did basic double-handed swing only, and I actually put on the 6 minute workout guy's YouTube while doing it so that I could stop and rest when he rested (rather than me trying to put the mental math into watching a clock while swinging).

    Though Tabatas are supposed to be 100% I was probably closer to 85/90% over the 6 minutes, because I think that I was trying to be careful to learn the motion without injuring myself. I think that once the sensation of my core and back muscles countering the balistic motion of the kettlebell becomes more second nature, I'll be able to squeeze out that last 10-15%.

    Destined to be sore tomorrow! ;)


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