Sunday, August 29, 2010

Menu/Workout Plan

Oh, boy, am I excited about doing the September Primal Challenge! I am still such a novice at a lot of this, but I get stoked thinking about pushing myself to do the workouts, to cook and eat faithfully primal meals, and of course, to see what everybody else out there is doing in their challenge mode at the same time! :) I feel like Grok (or was it Fred Flintstone?) about to sink his teeth into a huge bronto steak. ;-p

I'd like to do VLC for myself as much as possible throughout the month - my single planned hiccup may be a weekend trip that we are planning with my inlaws, but hopefully I can plan ahead to minimize the extent of that hiccup. Wherever I have VLC meals planned, I will also sometimes supplement with high-nutrient starchy tubers or fruit for my girls - after all, they don't have the baby weight to lose.

I may also experiment with some intermittent fasting in September on days where I'm not as hungry or just too busy - my meal likeliest to skip would be breakfast, in which case I'd move the breakfast planned to lunchtime, thereby forgoing a smoothie meal.

So (now) Tuesday September 07 officially kicks off the festivities. Did you see that Mark will be giving away an entire COW?! (!!) Think I'll start jotting down my workout plans, too, for the sake of committing to the challenge in advance. Yabba dabba do!!!

Workout: Wii Fit Plus arms routine: 3 sessions each of pushups, planks, and side planks
Breakfast - Fried eggs, warm banana pudding for my girls
Lunch - Blueberry coconut smoothies (I add the whey protein powder after dosing out shares for my girls), loaded ("big-ass") salads
Dinner - Steaks, salsa guacamole (steaks and avocados are on sale at Giant, woo!)

Workout: Workout of the Week, or however much of it I can muster! ;-)
Breakfast - Sauteed kale with bacon and mushrooms,
Lunch - Peach coconut smoothies, apple slices with almond butter, cheese slices
Dinner - Shrimp, Sausage, and Summer Squash casserole - a new recipe from Mark's Daily Apple

Workout: Kettlebellin', working whatever the Tuesday WOW didn't
Breakfast - Mashed boiled eggs with melted Kerrygold and pepper
Lunch - Lime cilantro coconut smoothies, baked sweet potatoes
Dinner - Crock pot pork ribs, salads

Workout: Rest/play day
Breakfast - Eggs scrambled with butter
Lunch - Nectarine coconut smoothies, nuts
Dinner - Whole roasted chicken, baked Brussels sprouts, baked parsnips

Workout: Wii arms (see Monday), kettlebellin'
Breakfast - Fat guacamole devils
Lunch - Coconut curry chicken spinach soup using leftover chicken (recipe to come)
Dinner - Leftovers

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