Sunday, October 24, 2010

Menu Plan

My local Target has a modest grocery section (though it's not a SuperTarget), and I discovered that it was selling its free range cage free organic eggs for a sale price of $3/dozen. Wow! That's even cheaper than the $3.33 or so per dozen that you find at Sam's Club for organic eggs. Also, my Target has the cheapest price on organic half'n'half anywhere at $1.74/half pint.

Breakfast - Mashed boiled eggs
Lunch - Pears with ricotta
Dinner - Spaghetti squash with a meaty marinara

Breakfast - Mango yoghurt smoothies - more mangos for my girls, more yoghurt for me (Mangos on sale at Giant!)
Lunch - Leftover spaghetti or a big-ass salad
Dinner - Salmon fillets braised in a tamari sauce, creamy asparagus soup

Breakfast - Fried eggs, bananas for the girls
Lunch - Leftover salmon on a salad
Dinner - Baked chicken drumsticks and sweet potatoes

Breakfast - Blueberry custards
Lunch - Pumpkin spice smoothie
Dinner - My husband challenged me to get started on developing a primal chicken Wienerschnitzel recipe, and this might be the night I give it my first stab!

Breakfast - Warm banana pudding
Lunch - Curry pumpkin soup, coconut bread
Dinner - Pork chops with a creamy rosemary sauce, salads

Bonus Weekend Recipe: I am thinking of trying out this plum clafouti soon (plums on sale at Giant!), adapted by maybe using just a hint of honey instead of the relatively small amount of prescribed sugars. Could be a good Sunday morning breakfast.

Preschool Lunch Ideas:
Lunchbox #20 - Leftover spaghetti squash with meaty marinara, apple slices with almond butter
Lunchbox #21 - Leftover salmon, salad, almond-stuffed dates
Lunchbox #22 - Blueberry custard, Kerrygold Dubliner, leftover sweet potato, mashed

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