Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Grok-Friendly Recipe Hunt - Simply Sugar and Gluten Free

This week's Friday Grok-Friendly Recipe Hunt brought me to Amy Green's blog Simply Sugar and Gluten Free. I love Amy's laid-back style and her evident passion for crafting quality dishes. She's even training as a chef! She lost over 60 pounds after giving up white sugar and gluten, so that enough is reason to check out her finely-tuned recipes. Also, her blog has a lot of innovative twists on substitutes in a world without gluten or sugar, so of course I'm inspired by her creativity.

In particular, she offers a lot in the realm of desserts which I will probably peruse in the event of very special occasions - though much of her baking contains non-gluten grain flours, I wouldn't mind baking up some of her teff-flour gingerbread cupcakes for my preschooler's birthday classroom cupcake treat to share with her friends, as my primary goal is avoiding gluten and refined sugar. (I've made them once before, substituting palm sugar for the agave.)

Amy also has a terrific "How To" lineup:
Here are some primal-adaptable Simply Sugar and Gluten Free recipes of Amy's that I'm dying to try:

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