Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Primal / Paleo Halloween Ideas

A thread on PaleoHacks got me thinking about Halloween, with minimal sugar. Here are some ideas I came up with:

If you know your neighborhood's general amount of trick-or-treater traffic, consider giving out:
  • Nonchokable toys (remember the kids still have younger siblings). Bonus points if they're fitness oriented. Just don't give the costumed mites some kettlebells. Save the kettlebell giveaways for the Christmas stockings! ;op
  • Dark chocolate (as dark as you can find). I can imagine the looks on kids' faces if I managed to track down single-square packs of Lindt 99% dark. Anybody know where to find 99% single squares?
  • Single-serve packs of trail mix, if you can find'em. (Consider Amazon or Sam's Club/Costco for this...). Have a couple of alternatives if kids with allergies show up.
  • Single serve packets of almond butter (you can get these on Amazon)
Paleo-Friendly Halloween Activities and Menu Ideas:
  • Bobbing for bags of sug-....errr... organic apples
  • Pumpkin carving and associated pumpkin's seed-roasting
  • Chili (this is my family's traditional Halloween meal) or pumpkin soup. If you do paleo baking, you could make some coconut bread or muffins to go with.
  • A game of "go fish" with someone behind the silkscreen attaching Halloween tchotchkes (no candy) to the fishing line
  • Card games! A good game of poker could be enjoyed by older kids (tweens and up). Offer to trade poker chips for candy at the start before the cards are even dealt.
  • Offer to "buy" your kids' candy at a nickel or a dime (or whatever) per piece.
How are you going to "do" Halloween this year?

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