Sunday, October 10, 2010

Menu Plan, Columbus Day Edition and September Primal Challenge final results

Well, the Primal Blueprint September Challenge is officially over. Between September 1 and my latest weigh-in yesterday, I dropped 5.4 lb. - not bad for 6.5 weeks, especially when I hadn't done much exercise the last half of the challenge due to allowing a sprained ankle to recover.

I am learning a whole lot about how my body responds to micronutrient loads. For example, dark chocolate is a terminal weakness of mine and generally allowed in moderation, but if I eat too much, I can feel its physiological impact in many ways: for example, my recuperating ankle starts to swell and hurt more (inflammation), and my moods start to darken. When I go a couple of days without chocolate or refined sugars, I feel more even keel and my outlook is much more positive. Until this challenge I had no idea how much these things could affect my daily life (aside from how it impacts my weight).

On a side note, while at my in-laws' a while back, I went to the cabinet where my mother-in-law has her usual stash of dark chocolate. There wasn't any of the higher-quality dark chocolate that she typically has, but there were some sort of Wi11y W0nka domed candies that were labeled "dark chocolate" - the kind that come in a big bag for Halloween distribution. I nibbled a corner of one cautiously and ack was it nasty. It tasted like wax and chalk together - like fillers, in other words! I had no problem throwing that piece in the trash - it's mainly Green & Black's and Lindt that call to me.

So here's this week's primal menu plan. Wild caught Alaskan salmon is on sale for $9.99/lb. at Giant this week, so I will be taking advantage.

Breakfast - Strawberries and whipped cream (did I mention that strawberries were also on sale at Giant?)
Lunch - Leftover braised steak from Sunday night, carrot sticks
Dinner - Baked chicken thighs and brussels sprouts

Breakfast - Scrambled bleu cheese eggs (I discovered this triple cream bleu cheese that is off. the. hook!)
Lunch - Creamy leek and sweet potato soup, leftover chicken
Dinner - Eggplant lasagna, baked dates and apples (while the oven's going, y'know!)

Breakfast - Cottage cheese and fruit
Lunch - Liverwurst (Robb Wolf gave it the OK)
Dinner - Broiled salmon, asparagus

Breakfast - Apples with almond butter
Lunch - Leftover salmon, salad
Dinner - Crock pot pork carnitas with salsa, guacamole (might make Joyful Abode's pancakes earlier in the day for wrapping these soft taco style)

Breakfast - Coconut banana smoothies
Lunch - Leftover carnitas
Dinner - Bacon and eggs

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