Monday, January 10, 2011

Menu Plan

After a break, it is so time for me get back into the menu-planning saddle. I'm also looking at starting food journalling at the advice of a sweet gal who is a paleo weight loss success story. And how can I get a good food journal habit going unless I get back to my menu planning? :)

Some of these breakfasts I skip in favor of kettlebelling fasted - so whatever's listed in those instances is what my girls are having.

Breakfast - Leftover spaghetti squash with meaty marinara (no, really, and fortunately my 3-year-old is cool with it)
Lunch - Fried eggs, chicken sausage, yoghurt
Dinner - Roasted chicken, supplemented with leftover pork ribs and slow cooked carrots

Breakfast - Warm nutmeg ginger banana pudding, leftover chicken sausage
Lunch - Bacon, shredded parmesan, and shredded Bubbies pickles on romaine lettuce with warm bacon dressing
Dinner - Steak, romaine salad with shredded parmesan, and homemade balsamic vinaigrette

Breakfast - Mashed boiled eggs
Lunch - Pumpkin soup with garlic and caramelized shallots (might add a scoop of whey protein to mine if I've just worked out...)
Dinner - 5-Ingredient Green Curry Pot Roast in the crock pot with carrots and potatoes

Breakfast - Banana custards!
Lunch - Leftover beef pot roast and veggies
Dinner - Butter-glazed shrimp, roasted Brussels sprouts

Breakfast - Grapefruit drizzled with honey, cottage cheese
Lunch - Leftovers, whatever they may be
Dinner - Chicken Weinerschnitzel (will post on it if it works out!) with a butter and cream reduction, and tarragon asparagus soup (with my new immersion blender, holllaaaaaaa)

Preschool lunch ideas:
Lunchbox #39: Leftover roast chicken, whole milk yoghurt with honey, trail mix
Lunchbox #40: Pickle, strips of steak with mustard for dipping, apple slices with cinnamon cream cheese
Lunchbox #41: Leftover pot roast and veggies, custard, maybe some pumpkin bread or muffin if I find a killer pumpin bread recipe


  1. I will be watching this space for how the weinerschnitzel goes! Sounds delicious.

    I LOVE to plan. I'm a bit weird though. ;)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! Meal planning and shopping are the biggest chores for me. When I don't do it, we get bored with the same stuff and end up wasting food because I bought randomly without a plan. My son will turn 3 next week and eats primal at home. For school, I'm allowed to send foods for him whenever their items contain soy since he has a soy allergy. Not shockingly, the crap food even our good school serves has soy more often than not. When that happens, I try to send a primal substitute so your lunchbox ideas are appreciated as well! Today they had chicken noodle casserole so I sent him with grass fed beef roast instead. Thanks for sharing! I've added you to google reader so I can keep getting your ideas.


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