Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Menu/Workout Plan, A Day Late, and Planning Ahead for Super Bowl Snacks

Don't be fooled by the absence of a week's beginning menu plan; we are in fact eating food. I was just sort of winging things the last couple of days, which is a bad sign, so I'm buckling down tonight to plan the rest of the week. Also? Though evenings can be unpredictable around here, I'm going to try and start again with planning my workouts, because workouts are so much likelier to happen when I write them down.

That said, we are in the middle of the tundra zone weather-wise (though not in Iowa where it's -18 F) where working out outside is purt near impossible most days. That means for the next few weeks, my primary option is working out with Veronica and at my community pool. Really hoping that groundhog doesn't see his shadow next week - so that we can get it going with the spring weather! I could really use the sunshine.

One last note: Are you planning ahead for what's on the menu for the Super Bowl?  I am definitely thinking lots. and. lots. of. WINGS.

Monday (yes, what we had yesterday):
Breakfast - Boiled eggs
Lunch - Butternut squash soup
Dinner - Spaghetti squash with meaty marinara

Tuesday (what we had today):
Breakfast - Fried eggs for the girls; preworkout fast for me
Lunch - Post-workout: oven-roasted potatoes and leftover roast chicken
Dinner - Slow-cooked beef, baked sweet potatoes
Workout - Tabata kettlebell swings

Breakfast - Bacon, eggs scrambled with Boursin
Lunch - Haddock fillets fried in coconut oil
Dinner - Steak cobb salads, strawberries
Workout - Lap swim

Breakfast - Whole milk yoghurt with one honey straw (these are great for portion control on honey! Each of the Stix has 4.3 g carbs) and halved strawberries
Lunch - I will probably workout fasted, thus postponing the above breakfast to lunch, add leftover steak
Dinner - Sausage bacon cheese quiche, sliced nectarines
Workout - Tabata kettlebell swings

Breakfast - Banana yoghurt smoothies for the girls; maybe boiled eggs for me
Lunch - Leftover quiche, sliced mango
Dinner - Beef pot roast in the crock pot, carrots, potatoes
Workout - Lap swim

Preschool lunchbox ideas: 
Today (#43): Almonds, cheese, broccoli, leftover spaghetti squash, leftover roast chicken, applesauce
Lunchbox #44: Mashed sweet potato, fruit salad, cheese slices
Lunchbox #45: Sliced nectarines, trail mix, steak slices with mustard to dip

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