Saturday, January 15, 2011

Coming Feature: Grown-Up Lunchboxes featuring Grown-Up Primal Packed Lunches

I've been thinking about my husband's poor neglected lunches lately. After going primal last summer, I prioritized my energies and thoughts toward ways to fix my almost four-year-old daughter's lunches when she started preschool in the fall. Now, though, I've started to get the hang of it, and within about 3 months she'll be out of preschool for the summer. Of course there will be plenty of family day trips during the summer requiring packed lunches for her, so those will feature, and she will also return to school in the fall, but I thought that it is about time that I put more effort into packing my husband primal lunches that he can enjoy at his office. (I've mentioned before that he is more or less primal by default, as long as he's not fixing it and it's tasty.)

That said, I'm currently on the lookout by shopping for some bento-style lunchbox systems geared toward adults. Since my daughter's preschool doesn't microwave food, having a microwave/hot-food-safe box was a moot point; her lunches are all cold lunches because of this (and nor do I yet trust her little hands at operating a thermos full of hot food/soup, either). But my husband has a microwave in his office, so my goal is a microwave-safe dishwasher-safe lunchbox system - something based on clay, ceramic, Pyrex, or so on. Anybody have suggestions or testimonials for grownup lunchboxes that they'd like to offer?

All this ultimately to say: if you've wondered about making packed "grown up" lunches for yourself or your spouse, stay tuned. In the meantime, browse the vast array of posts featuring my daughter's packed lunches.


  1. Oooh, I'm excited to see your adult lunches. I drool over your girls' lunches ... maybe it will inspire me to actually fix my own lunch instead of (I'm ashamed to say) purchase the school cafeteria "food" to eat for lunch

  2. Joshua heard that your husband is getting a lunchbox and he wants one too! He's probably sick of lugging a variety of containers to work every day. Am wondering what you're going to get for C. Have been looking at the Laptop Lunch Bento Box 2.0. But I'm not sure that it'll fit enough food to fill him up. Please advise!

  3. This is what I'm looking at for me:

    This one: has divided containers and says it's microwave-safe, but I don't want plastic containers.


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