Thursday, January 13, 2011

Miso Salmon with Broccoli

It was supposed to be shrimp for dinner, but the bag of supposedly plain shrimp on sale had all kinds of preservatives listed. Bah! So, bought salmon, which got moved to lunch when I found out that my girlfriend was stopping by, and we had the lamb chops bought on deep discount for dinner with a red wine reduction and buttered mashed sweet potatoes.
Today I had a girlfriend whose office is nearby stop at my place for lunch. I cut and washed some fresh broccoli florets to have on standby. I marinated some wild Alaskan sockeye fillets in a blend of miso, honey, and apple cider vinegar - for at least half an hour.

I had the oven preheated. In a large pan, I heated some clarified leftover bacon grease with a bit of powdered ginger and powdered garlic and some thinly sliced shallots. I seared the salmon briefly (1-2 minutes) on all sides, and then put the fillets in a Pyrex dish to stay warm in the oven while I cooked the broccoli, also adding just a pit of pickle juice to salt, in the reduction that remained in the pan.

I picked out the large piece of broccoli onto our plates, and then added the fillets and poured the shallot reduction over the salmon just before serving.


  1. Wow, I want to be your girlfriend. :-) So how do you make "clarified leftover bacon grease"? That is something I need to do with the amount of bacon grease we have around here!

  2. yummy. wish we could eat salmon at our house....

  3. Hi, Patty! Hi, Adrienne!

    There are two ways to get yourself some clarified bacon grease:

    1) While bacon grease is still hot in the pan from frying a pack of bacon, pour through a straining element (like a double-folded paper towel or cheesecloth) into a bowl. This is the best method to ensure that remaining pieces of bacon - which eventually go rancid - don't stay in the grease. Very good for longer-term storage, and if you want to be extra safe, cover and store in the fridge. Should last pretty much indefinitely; if you smell it though, and something smells 'off', discard. Better safe than sorry!

    2) Simply pour the hot grease straight into a small glass or ceramic bowl and allow to cool. The bacon bits will fall to the bottom and the clarified grease will be what's on top. This is a good method if you use up grease for cooking relatively quickly (within 1-2 days) and don't want to bother with the straining.

  4. salmon and broccoli! ok my favorite!! love salmon!!


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