Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Update on the Paleo / Primal Christmas Gift Baskets

I am getting irrationally excited. Slowly things are starting to come together for my paleo and primal gifts - and having my gift ideas - for stuff to make and stuff to buy - in the back of my head on Pinterest has definitely helped to organize me.

My inlaws and parents are two classic examples of gift recipients who already "have everything". That means I have fun dreaming up some paleo / primal and natural consumables for them.

Remember me saying that having ideas for what you want early on can help you to be aware of discounts that happen between now and Christmas? The half-price voucher for Abe's Market (still available in limited quantities as of today) caught my eye. Abe's sells 2-packs of PaleoKrunch and 2-packs of my all-time favorite lip balm - a ginger lemongrass lip balm made by Great Marsh Skincare. I was able to bundle some PaleoKrunch and some lip balms to get free shipping, and order them all at a deep discount.

I've also had some time to collect what I need - this week I went on a booze run and bought the potato vodka and bourbon - as well as the glass corked bottles at Michaels - so I could tackle the homemade vanilla. (A dear friend of mine had - thank you!! - sent a large pack of vanilla beans to me as a gift earlier this year...ahhh she knows me so well.)

So, this is what I've started to collect/make so far:

These are so pretty and simple to make!
  • Homemade vanilla extract. AndreAnna has the tutorial - if you make it in the next couple of weeks or so, it will have enough time (8 weeks) to steep and be ready to use by Christmas! Don't worry yet about fancy labeling or ribbons - just get those vanilla beans and booze a'brewin' and you can worry about decorating later.

  • PaleoKrunch, ordered on Abe's. A nice real food gift that anyone can appreciate.

  • Ginger Lemongrass Lipbalms, ordered on Abe's. The half price voucher makes 2-packs of these $6. $3 for an all natural lip balm is a steal - and a would be a great Christmas gift alone, or combined with a bottle of homemade vanilla, for teachers, hairdressers, and others who support you and your family throughout the year. It would also make an inexpensive stocking stuffer!

What Christmas gifts have you started to make or collect for your loved ones?


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  1. I do homemade gifts every year! This year it's tile coasters, tiny magnets, and homemade caramels.


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