Monday, September 5, 2011

Menu Plan

I hope that you had a wonderful, relaxing Labor Day! I spent a chunk of the day getting ready for the return to preschool later this week - and discovered to my amusement that I - not much of a skirt or dress wearer myself - have somehow given birth to and raised a 4.5 year old who intends each and every day to don a dress or a skirt. Thus, I've ended up supplementing her existing wardrobe with a lot of leggings, footless tights, and regular tights - of a decidedly sparkly, girly variety. Hopefully this way, she'll get her skirt and dress time, and with the help of all those leggings and tights, I'll have her ready to tackle the preschool playground, somersaults, and other antics.

And of course, since later this week preschool is kicking off, the preschool lunchboxes will return from their summer break, so stay tuned for new and fun tastes. :)

Breakfast - Quiche with pork sausage and fresh peppers, bananas
Lunch - Fresh fruit, Kerrygold Dubliner cheese, leftover quiche
Dinner - Bunless burgers, salads, asparagus

Breakfast - Flourless banana pancakes
Lunch - Leftover burgers, fresh fruit and veggies
Dinner - Pastrami salads, kind of like the one here

Breakfast - Boiled eggs, apple slices with some kind of nut butter
Lunch - Chicken soup with kale and cabbage
Dinner - Brats on the grill, salads

Breakfast - Yoghurt with fresh fruit
Lunch - Leftover chicken kale cabbage soup and brats
Dinner - Steak, salad, baked potatoes with toppings

What are you cooking up this first full week of September?

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