Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hanging On - First Week of Crossfit

Hanging in there.
I've started Crossfit!! At last. I'm approaching the hump of the first week after Sunday's rampup. I have never in my life - even in competitive high school and college sports - been as sore as I am this week. My glutes and hamstrings are on FIRE. My husband makes fun of how long it takes me to get up and down the stairs (and in all fairness, he's been making it up to me by taking on a lot of housework this week due to my semi-incapacitation). Have I mentioned how challenging it is to keep track of a boisterous still-nursing toddler while aching from head to toe?

Also? The actual workout of the day starts at 6 a.m., which means that I must arrive at 5:45 for warmups, else I face the penalty of 25 burpees. This means that I wake at 5:15 now to make that happen, and thus I'm trying to get myself to bed much earlier - around 9 p.m. So my evening free time has suddenly been shifted to the morning for the WOD, and I'm waiting hopefully for the day that I can climb the stairs normally again.

This week's lunchboxes and other thoughts will be posted this weekend. In the meantime you might catch nuggets from me about how things are going on Twitter.


  1. Woohoo, glad you got started! Are you enjoying the workouts, don't think I saw that mentioned?

    Recommend warm baths with epsom salts, magnesium citrate supplements, foam rollers, stretching, and more stretching, and lots of H2O. Not much you can do beyond that and lots of rest. The soreness will ease up in the coming weeks, promise!

    ......and yes, husbands are not very nice to the crossfit 'waddles' and slow step climbs. I still haven't convinced mine to go to CF, I really want to pay him back :)

  2. Hey, Erin! I won't say that I'm "in the game" enough yet to genuinely enjoy the workouts...though I am already fond of the rower. :) Right now I'm more like deer-in-the-headlights awestruck at everybody else's skills while I can barely manage a full squat because of the soreness in my legs. :-p Looking forward to getting more of a groove though and being able to stare at that white board knowing exactly what I'm facing and knowing that I can do it (even if I don't 'want' to do it in that moment of WOD psych-out, lol).

  3. Stumbled onto your blog here while waiting for lunch. Me and my girlfriend are mostly paleo now and are starting CrossFit next month, we just did our first WOD on Friday and I'm feeling it today. I didn't know my under arms could hurt. Anyway, small world. You are welcome to check out our food blog if you want. http://adventuresinyumminess.blogspot.com

  4. CF is always hard, but you're harder! (as Chef says).


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