Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lunchbox #116 - How Does Your Garden Grow?

With liverwurst, and Kerrygold, and cucumbers all in a row!

A while back, in my DIY bento cheese moon and stars tutorial, reader Arual asked in a comment if cookie cutters might also work for the same idea. Reader Courtney in Oki also alluded to this.

I answered that yes, they definitely could, though I didn't have any of my own small enough to make stars for the boxes in my daughter's lunchbox.

But there was something else; I was laboring under the misconception that buying specialized bento art tools was an expensive proposition. Arual and Courtney had gotten my gears turning, and suddenly after a little browsing, I found some cute stainless steel bento mini cutters - 4 for around five bucks. Wow!

So here, you see the results of my first go with them:

Today, my preschooler's lunch featured (clockwise):

  • Some liverwurst (~ 2 slices' worth), Kerrygold cheese, and cucumber slices, all prettied up with the aid of some inexpensive stainless steel bento shape cutters (seen at right).
  • Organic whole milk yogurt with frozen red raspberries and a few drops of whole leaf stevia concentrate
  • A banana

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  1. I'm going to try this for my toddler. He's such a picky eater and it's frustrating when he doesn't even pick his food :( Hopefully something this pretty will attract him. I've never tried making bento boxes, but this looks simple!

  2. this is so cool. thanks for sharring this idea. i really like it.


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