Sunday, September 11, 2011

Primal Challenge Begins TOMORROW, September 12 - Are You In?!

Tomorrow's the beginning of the September Primal Challenge! I loooooove when Mark's Daily Apple hosts the annual Primal Challenge - because it's fun having the community of other folks challenging themselves to cleaner eating, and because it's FULL OF PRIZES - all month long! I will definitely be doing the September Primal Challenge as a way to keep myself accountable - it looks like my local Crossfit may do another intro session in a couple of weeks, and I want to be on top of it nutritionally when I get started because I know that it will count for something!

I urge you to go check out Mark's Daily Apple if you haven't already - this resource was my #1 source of information on metabolism, exercise, and a more naturally-oriented lifestyle in general when I got started early last summer. I pored over Mark Sisson's site for hours upon hours, which is what drove me to take the plunge in avoiding grains, refined sugars, and vegetable oils. So many accessible, informative articles. Check out this one as a starting point: Welcome to Mark's Daily Apple.

So are you in? Are you ready to give one month of primal living a try? Post a comment if so!

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  1. Yep! I'm doing it! Wish I could win a pair of Even a virtual picnic would be nice. I can't afford food for 8 people and couldn't find 8 people here. lol


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