Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Menu Plan

We're trying something new this month: my husband is doing all of the grocery shopping. I'm curious to see how it works out; the main determination is to see whether he can lower our grocery spending without my non-core impulse purchases (read: raw honey, almond butter, etc.) piling on extra costs.

Which, you know what? Is not a bad thing. I need less of the impulse purchases and more "core foods" low-carb meals that keep me from craving carby snacks. More beef. More butter and cream. More eggs and bacon. More nonstarchy veggies.

I've also decided today to start food journaling in earnest. Even if I'm 100% primal / lacto-paleo compliant in terms of what I'm eating, calories are indeed still a part of the equation, and after being inspired by one paleo friend who is a fantastic weight loss success story (and who lost 111+ lb. over six years with the help of strict food journalling) - and AndreAnna, who is courageously redoubling her efforts this month after a winter plateau - I want to scrutinize my own numbers more closely. I think that my satiation switch is somehow broken, so relying on my subjective feeling of "full" seems to be futile, at least at this point. The fact that I'm still nursing my 14-month old certainly doesn't abet my appetite at this point either. Therefore, to make things as objective and clear-cut as possible, journalling food intake and charting weigh-ins over time is a great way for me to geek out data-wise on my intake and draw some useful conclusions from there.

Breakfast - Smoothies for my girls; I may fast
Lunch - Eggs fried in butter
Workout - Supposed to be gorgeous, so taking my littlest out in the jogging stroller for some sunshine and fresh air

Breakfast - Mashed boiled eggs
Lunch - Leftover salmon with butter-sauteed wasabi asparagus
Dinner - Beef pot roast; sweet potatoes for my girls
Workout - Kettlebell swings

Breakfast - Leftover sweet potatoes for the girls, warmed with butter and cinnamon, fasting for me
Lunch - Omelettes
Dinner - Butterflied pan-sauteed shrimp (with garlic and coconut oil) and veggie
Workout - Rest day

Preschool Lunch Ideas:
Lunchbox #56: Honeydew melon, blueberries, broccoli, sugar snap peas, sliced leftover beef
Lunchbox #57: Sweet potatoes, Clementine, apple slices with peanut butter
Lunchbox #58: Leftover salmon, almonds, apple blueberry sauce


  1. What do you drink when you are fasting?

  2. Usually just water. Filling up on very low carb foods at other times keeps me very even-keel because my blood sugar is steady and not swinging up and down. This way, I don't often end up faint or irritable if I skip a meal while very-low-carbing. It's a remarkable change from the me of last spring - who couldn't go more than a couple of hours without a Fiber One bar or something to keep my blood sugar up.

    That said, I'd also occasionally drink a cup of decaf coffee with a bit of heavy cream, also, since the high fat low carb content of the drink likely won't impact my blood sugar levels.


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