Sunday, March 6, 2011

Menu Plan, and Tweaks on Food Journalling

I am loving as a food journalling tool! Tracking my intake was a huge eye opener, and after a week at very low carb I can tell how I need to tweak my portions to achieve realistic deficits while keeping fat and protein at a premium, to maintain some level of ketosis and also satiation. My next goal for this week is to preplan and document the intake the evening before (Last week I was documenting after the fact). Hopefully this way I can better stagger my calories throughout the day and achieve more accurate fat/protein/carb ratios.

If you are on FatSecret or decide to give it a go, you can check out the Primal / Paleo 3 Months Til Summer Challenge! It starts in a couple of weeks and will be a gathering place for those striving for cleaner grain-free sugar-free eating and better workouts as the warm weather approaches. If you see me on there be sure to say hi! :)

I am enjoying my husband doing the grocery shopping, I must say. Our fridge is now full of tons of full fat dairy, animal protein, and produce. *Does the happy dance.*

So - here's what's planned for the menu and workouts this week:

Breakfast - Bacon gorgonzola omelette, whole milk yoghurt with raspberry extract
Lunch - Bacon, steamed brocolli with butter
Dinner - Garlic roast chicken with carrots
Workout - Kettlebell swings

Breakfast - Bacon, smoothie
Lunch - Leftover chicken and carrots, remade as a creamy soup
Dinner - Trader Joe's vodka sauce with seasoned TJ's grass fed ground beef, over spaghetti squash
Workout - Lap swim at the community pool

Breakfast - Fried eggs, iced coffee
Lunch - TJ's wild turbot filets with asparagus and a cream and butter sauce
Dinner - Roast beef with veggies
Workout - Kettlebell swings

Breakfast - Bacon and asparagus quiche
Lunch - Lamb chops
Dinner - Coconut crusted shrimp, minus the unsweetened coconut, which I'm out of at the moment
Workout - Rest day

Breakfast - Quartered strawberries topped with mascarpone and cacao nibs
Lunch - Leftovers, whatever they might be
Dinner - Porterhouses, on the stove if weather doesn't permit, but hoping for grilling weather! ;-D Salads on the side
Workout - Turkish getups with the kettlebell

Preschool Lunch Ideas:
Lunchbox #59 - Leftover broccoli, chicken, and carrots
Lunchbox #60 - Leftover spaghetti squash bolognese, apple slices
Lunchbox #61 - Leftover roast beef, whole milk yoghurt with honey

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