Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Menu Plan - Stock Up on Target Organic Cage-Free Eggs @$2.99/Dozen Through Saturday!

Well...I'd been waiting for my husband to hit the Trader Joe's just a few minutes from his office - was supposed to happen today! Then I would have finally been ready to menu plan knowing exactly what's in our kitchen. But, it just didn't happen, and TJ's is now set for tomorrow. Boy, do I wish we had a Trader Joe's right here in our town, but for now I'll take one close to my husband's office!

That said, we did stop by our local Target today for some eggs, cheese, frozen blueberries, and heavy cream - enough to fudge through the rest of tomorrow until my sweetie arrives back home with a trunk full of Trader Joe's.

Excerpted from this week's Target ad.
This week, Target's organic cage free eggs are on sale @ $2.99/dozen (usually $3.74/dozen). This sale price, which seems to happen every 4-6 weeks, is the best price for a dozen commercial organic cage free eggs that I've found - even better than the ones at Sam's Club, which price out at around $3.30-$3.50/dozen. This price is good through Saturday 19 March in most areas, I'm guessing. So, if you don't mind sourcing your eggs from Target, keep an eye out in the fresh groceries to see if the price $2.99/dozen - in which case you might find yourself like me, cart stocked full of eggs, looking like I'm dead set on breaking the Guinness World Record for world's biggest omelette.

You may recall that I've been documenting my food intake over at fatsecret.com since March 1 in a bid to get a realistic knowledge since of my carb and calorie intake. I'm happy to say that as of this morning, the scale is reading 12 lb. lighter since then! Woo HOO! Some of that was definitely water weight, but I am finally glad to be back in that groove where sugar is not the center of my universe. It takes me about two weeks to finally physiologically get to that point, but it's a relief to be there again, with the slow, steady energy and no blood sugar crashing.

I've also been doing some introspective journaling since the beginning of the month - using Beth Moore's Get Out of That Pit: A 40-Day Devotional Journal - a companion to her book Get Out of That Pit: Straight Talk about God's Deliverance, which I read first. The journalling is helping to ground me, and had been especially useful in the evenings those first few days of March in terms of focusing me on my priorities and motives when I was trying to shake afternoon/evening sugar cravings (which...not so coincidentally, perhaps...seem to strike when my toddler is melting down just before her bedtime...). I can't wait to see what the rest of March brings in my journaling and weight loss!

If you're interested in FatSecret, you should come on over and join a bunch of us (41 and counting!) who are doing the:

Primal / Paleo 3 Months Til Summer Challenge!

You don't have to be low-carb to join - just working on your own goals for getting back to nourishing real-food basics in order to lose weight or gain muscle. If you're hankering for renew your commitment to improved body composition, for health, or for a purely vain objective of looking better for shorts weather before the end of June, come on over, join the challenge, and say, "Hi!" There will be lots of commiseration waiting for you. :) The challenge officially starts on Monday, March 21, so you have lots of time to establish a free FatSecret account (...and get to know all of its fun bells and whistles like the food diary, the weigh-in chart, the journal, the create-your-own-recipe, the exercise journal, etc.! It's really fabulous if you want to geek out on data, and there is a range of privacy settings so you can chose how much of your own info you share!)

Here's how the menu's shaping up this week:

Breakfast - Bacon and fried eggs
Lunch - This and that; leftovers, leftover bacon, peanut butter
Dinner - Baked chicken wings and asparagus
Workout plan - Rest day

Breakfast - Organic whole milk yoghurt (I sometimes sweeten mine with a few drops of liquid whole leaf stevia and add a teensy bit of raspberry extract - BAM! It's so much better than Yoplait, I promise!)
Lunch - Leftover chicken wings for me
Dinner - We hit up our local favorite burger chain (a regional one) - a double bacon cheeseburger for me with mushrooms, onions, lettuce, and sliced tomatoes, sans bun
Workout plan - Walking at the local park pushing my toddler in the jogging stroller

Breakfast - Cheese omelette
Lunch - Cocktail shrimp (thawed) with gingered carrots sauteed in butter
Dinner - Pot roast with carrots and potatoes (I'll be skipping the potatoes)
Workout plan - Kettlebell swings

Breakfast - Warmed blueberries with vanilla, cinnamon, and cream (this is for the girls...for me it might be mashed boiled eggs)
Lunch - Leftover pot roast and veggies
Dinner - I'm going to put a placeholder here...because I'm not really sure what animal protein/produce combo will result from my husband's TJ's trip!
Workout plan - More gorgeous spring weather! Another walk outside, methinks.

Breakfast - Bacon, slices of cheese
Lunch - Blueberry protein smoothies
Dinner - Another placeholder here! The fridge is about as bare as it gets in terms of animal protein and veggies. Thankful for eggs, though - my faithful standby! ;-)
Workout plan - Rest day

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  1. Love Beth Moore!! And thanks for all the great info. I started the online food journaling, but the crazy obsessive demon inside me starting giggling and plotting. Ah, well!


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