Sunday, August 28, 2011

Menu Plan, and Crossfit Thwarted by Irene

My Crossfit intro class was cancelled - it was supposed to take place Saturday, but Irene had other plans. :-\ I may not make it to a ramp up until the October one, since I'll be out of town during the weekend of the September rampup. Since the intro class is (quite reasonably!) a prerequisite to being able to join any Crossfit workout slot, it could therefore be several weeks before I get to take the intro and thus start Crossfitting. Bummer! I was getting so stoked. Now the wait begins again.

Ah, welcome back to what was once known as the "menu plan". :) Hopefully I can get more into a groove of doing this again since it saves me money and stress over the course of the week.

Breakfast - Boiled eggs, mashed with Kerrygold, peaches and bananas for the girls
Lunch - Roast beef, leftover from the weekend, with stewed tomatoes
Dinner - Dinosaur Chicken Salad, using leftover roast chicken and fresh kale

Breakfast - Chicken cabbage soup (with bone broth made overnight from the leftover roast chicken)
Lunch - Leftover dino chicken salad, sliced peaches, whole fat plain organic yoghurt with honey
Dinner - Bacon and eggs, hash browns

Breakfast - Omelette with gorgonzola and mango salsa
Lunch - Liverwurst, baby carrots, cheese, other finger foods
Dinner - Slow cooked pork, baked sweet potatoes

Breakfast - Leftover baked sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs
Lunch - Huge salad with leftover pork to top, mango salsa
Dinner - More huge salad topped with steak and some version of MDA's homemade ranch

Breakfast - Egg salad, Kerrygold sauteed plantains
Lunch - Leftover steak on greens, fresh fruit (whatever's on sale)
Dinner - Fish of some kind (whatever's on sale), with a lemon butter cream reduction, and a pile of roasted veggies accessorizing it :)

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