Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lunchbox #108

Today, my preschooler's lunch featured (clockwise):

  • Kerrygold Dubliner cheese
  • An egg poached in Kerrygold butter
  • A Bubbies pickle, sliced into smaller pieces
  • Peach sauce (think apple sauce but made with peaches...and salted butter and vanilla bean) made with the peaches from my mom's back yard
  • Sliced pluot


  1. Do you have a link or recipe for the peach sauce? I'd be interested in trying this while we're in season. I bought peaches this week, but my 2.5 yr old has been rejecting them.

  2. Hi, Anonymous,

    I blanched about 20 small peaches: I added them to boiling water for about 5 minutes, and then removed them and plunged them in cool water.

    After the blanching, the peels slip off the peaches very easily. I then cut the peaches into small pieces into an oven safe dish, and added lots of salted butter (this is up to you and your taste preferences for butter). I also scraped the seeds out of one vanilla bean pod and added the pod and the seeds to the oven safe dish.

    I baked at 300 degrees for a little over an hour, until the peaches were soft and bubbling, and then mushed them into an even softer almost baby food like texture.

    I cooled the peach sauce entirely before adding to my daughter's lunch dish.

  3. That looks amazing! Gonna have to start following your blog as I love your food pics. So excited to do lunches like this for my son someday soon.


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