Saturday, June 4, 2011

Menu Plan

Here we go! I'll try to lay out rough sketches of my husband's lunches, though the freshness of the produce and quantities of leftovers will always trump the written menu plan.

Here's what's on the menu in the coming week:

Breakfast - Fried eggs, asparagus with pastured butter
Lunch - Chicken chili (chicken + assorted random veggies and chili seasonings, slow cooked for ages)
Dinner - MORE chicken's hopin' my batch is a good one, amirite?
My husband's packed lunch - Steak salad, fruit salad

Breakfast - Onion and black olive omelette
Lunch - Purple Japanese sweet potatoes slow-baked, with Kerrygold - got these at my local Asian grocery superstore and am stoked to try them out!
Dinner - Burgers and salmon fillets (separately) marinated in lemongrass and garlic, grilled, and steamed broccoli with Kerrygold
My husband's packed lunch - Monday night's leftover chicken chili, banana pudding

Breakfast - Mashed boiled eggs, plus bananas for my girls
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Gluten-free chicken schnitzel, roasted Brussels sprouts
Packed lunch - Leftover burgers tossed with mustard vinaigrette and fresh veggies

Breakfast - Sausage and veggie quiche (made the night before)
Lunch - Leftover Brussels sprouts, bacon
Dinner - Eggplant lasagna
Packed lunch - Leftovers, whatever they may be

Breakfast - Fried eggs, fresh fruit for the girls
Lunch - Finger foods - fresh cut produce, Babybel cheese, etc. My girls and I meeting up with a friend and her daughter for lunch!
Dinner - Coconut lime stir fry
Packed lunch - Leftover eggplant lasagna


  1. be careful of those "pasta" products that may actually be .."not so good for you"...gluten free may or may not be full of "stuff"..that you don't may be super processed...go past the labels and investigate all the ingredients and how they actually make them...

  2. Anonymous, I wish that you had taken the time to actually click through the link to my eggplant lasagna recipe. You would have seen that it is "pasta" product free - the eggplant is thinly sliced to look like lasagna noodles. Next time, please investigate a bit further before making assumptions about the content of our dinner!

  3. LOVE eggplant lasagna! I probably made it at least half a dozen times last summer when I was doing a CSA. It's a bit of work, but so worth it!


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