Monday, June 13, 2011

Menu Plan

It has been so hot lately. I mean 90s, brushing 100 F the last couple of weeks. I am dying here because I am such a colder weather gal. The scorching weather really dampens my appetite for protein and fat, too, and increases my fruit cravings. On the hottest days all I want to do is curl up with a big bowl of frozen blueberries and an iced coffee. And going outside to exercise? When it's already over 80 degrees before 8 a.m.? Let's just say I'm feeling less than motivated. (Yes, I'm a wimp.)

Here's how the menu is shaping up for this week:

Breakfast - Larabars (out of almost everything grocery-wise this morning, eep...)
Lunch - Leftover chicken, fruit salad
Dinner - Grilled marinated pork chops, butter sauteed curried yellow and green summer squash
My husband's lunch - Leftover eggplant lasagna, apricot, baby carrots

Breakfast - Cold veggie quiche
Lunch - Leftover pork chops, steamed broccoli with butter
Dinner - Crock pot chicken and veggies
My husband's lunch - Veggie quiche, fruit salad

Breakfast - Sweet potato pancakes
Lunch - Leftover chicken, watermelon
Dinner - Eggplant lasagna rolls with meat sauce (I still have some eggplant to use up!)
Packed lunch - Leftover chicken and veggies, banana

Breakfast - Egg salad
Lunch - Liverwurst, baby carrots, cheese
Dinner - Leftover eggplant lasagna rolls
Packed lunch - Egg salad, fresh veggies, Larabar

Breakfast - Onion and cheese omelette
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Pizza night! Veggie scraps and sausage to be used with paleo/primal-friendly Victoria sauce, shredded organic mozzarella, and Chebe's simple gluten-free grain-free tapioca flour based crust
Packed lunch - Leftovers

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