Saturday, March 24, 2012

Coasting Off the Rails

After about 8 weeks of being very strict paleo for my Crossfit box's nutrition challenge, today was my final weigh-in and body fat assessment. I'll post more on how things went for the challenge when I get the final numbers from our challenge coordinator.

There's an odd, slightly terrifying freedom in coming home from that weigh-in knowing that suddenly you have a bit of free license. I imagine that anybody that has completed a Whole 30 knows what I'm talking about! I briefly considered my options, including foods I've missed, like chocolate. But ultimately, I've made so much progress that I didn't want to cannonball into a post-dinner evening of digestive upset or stoked cravings, so I decided to relax just a bit with a well-earned special treat.

So, this is how I gently eased off the wagon. Pork ribs from our local naturally raised bulk pork purchase. I made a barbecue sauce that had many arguably paleo ingredients (hot sauce, mustard, honey, coconut oil, garlic powder, onion powder, an errant clementine), but also a little organic molasses (gasp!) and organic palm sugar (eek!). Truly, though, the net amount of carbs from those two ingredients involved in a serving of ribs was negligible.

My other concession for tonight's dinner? A cool glass of German Spaetlese (late season white wine). A longtime inexpensive favorite of my unsophisticated palate!

How are you relaxing and unwinding this weekend? Did you let your hair down for a special treat?


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