Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lunchbox #128

Today, my preschooler's lunch featured (clockwise):

  • Three minipeppers stuffed with chicken salad
  • A single square of Lindt 90% dark chocolate
  • Chunks of soft-cooked sweet potato
  • Mozzarella and tomato salad, dressed with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, and pepper


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  1. I post on a forum of mostly women that has nothing to do with food, but is a lot of women in their 20s and 30s. I just randomly picked this lunchbox entry and posted it there and asked them how they felt their 4-year-olds would react to a lunch like this. They mostly FREAKED OUT saying that it is RIDICULOUS to expect a child that young to eat these foods. I think it's so depressing that so many people/parents refuse to even TRY to get kids to eat better.

    I love your blog and think you're feeding your family so well.

  2. Thanks, Anonymous, for the vote of confidence.

    I think that almost all parents would be truly shocked to realize what their kids would willingly try/eat; a lot of people make the assumption that if they didn't eat/like something as a kid or as an adult, then their kids won't either. Kids are also willing to try more new real food tastes when there's not the immediate option of something processed available as well.

  3. Going through all your lunchbox postings, I wished my kids would eat all of that! It's a work in progress but we'll get there :) Thanks for posting all these wonderful ideas! It's hard to be new at all of this!


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