Friday, October 28, 2011

How I Scored Kids' Merrell Barefoot Shoes (Retail $60) for $34.95, Shipped Free

The deals are flying this weekend, it seems! Only the beginning of the holiday crush of sales, I suppose.

Here is the pair I got for $35.
Today there is a very hot deal on Plum District which I just used to snag Merrell's barefoot shoes for my oldest daughter for $34.95. These shoes normally retail for $60 and I have never found them for much cheaper than that! Since I wear my adult versions of these shoes all the time (including for Crossfit and just running errands), I knew that it was likely that she will get lots of wear out of them. I love that they are zero dropped (most natural toe/heel positioning without unnecessary added cushioning) and sport a thin but durable Vibram sole, so I know that they will let my daughter's feet be more in touch with the ground beneath them.

I bought them a size up from her current size so that she can grow into them in the next couple of months and hopefully through the spring, when we get back outside for trail exploration at local parks.

Here's how to score these $60 shoes for $34.95, shipped free to your door:

Here's one of the pairs of the boys' version!
  • Go to Plum District's deal for today: $20 for a $40 voucher at Use the code SPOOKY30 when checking out to get 30% off the voucher price, making it just $14 for the $40 voucher. You can buy up to three of these vouchers in one Plum District transation using that coupon code - to use in three separate Online Shoes transactions, so if you have multiple kids or shoes needed, consider that - and use your coupon code for all three vouchers.
  • If you'd like an additional 5% cash back on your purchase, go to and search for "". Click through the Online Shoes link to get to - so you will get back 5% of the money spent at posted to your ebates account.
  • Once you're at Online Shoes, search for "Merrell Barefoot" and browse the kids' options. Choose your style and size and add it to your cart.
  • In a separate browser tab or window, go back to Plum District's site and click "My Account" in the upper right hand corner to access your voucher coupon code that you purchased. Copy the voucher code.
  • Go back to your Online Shoes window to check out. Redeem your voucher code to get $40 off the purchase price. In my case this left $20.95 (of which 5%, or about $1.05 will be posted to your ebates account if you clicked through ebates).
  • Grand total spent = $14 + $20.95 = $34.95! Shipping is free.

Are you looking at barefoot shoes for yourself, your spouse, or your kids as a holiday gift?

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