Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Salad Action, and Some Grown Up Lunchboxes Coming

My oldest daughter's first year of preschool is about to wrap up. Whew! I can't believe how quickly it blew by. Since my regular lunch-packing duties for her are about to go on a bit of a break for the summer, I'd like to roll up my sleeves and concentrate on making sure that my husband makes it to work with lunches of his own more often. So, as I hinted a while back, the grownup lunchbox series will pick up where my preschooler's lunches left off.

What am I thinking of packing?

In many ways, exactly what my preschooler was eating. But, to be a little more specific:

  • Salads. Huge colorful salads dressed generously.
  • Leftovers from the previous night's dinner.
  • Animal proteins of all kinds: eggs, meat, poultry, seafood, and full-fat cheeses.
  • Finger foods - like cut produce with dip and trail mixes.
  • Some treats here and there.

So, stay tuned. :)

What food projects are you thinking of tackling over the summer?


  1. With baby #2 about to make her debut, I'm planning a frenzy of freezer cooking in the next few weeks. Got any make-ahead meals (or parts of meals) up your sleeve?

  2. Really looking forward to grown up lunch boxes. I find lunch for my husband a real challenge. Thanks! Ann

  3. I know you like the laptop lunch boxes for your preschooler, what type of lunch box do you use for your husband?

  4. Hi, DaniGrace,

    For now, I like using rectangular single-serve Pyrex dishes (with plastic lids). The Pyrex serves us well because it's microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe, so I can pull together a lunch for my husband that heats up and cleans up pretty painlessly. I may find something that I like better in the future, but for now Pyrex is our choice for packed lunches where reheating/a microwave is an option.


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