Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sour Creme - It's "Unreal!!!"

I wish that I could say that I were making this up. It actually is a parody of itself. I was visiting our local dollar store with Easter stuff in mind when I did a double take while passing the small food fridge/freezer at the back of the store.


It reads SOURCREME. Is the French spelling of the
latter half of the product name supposed to add allure?

Oh, yes, you read that correctly; it does in fact say, "Unreal!!!"
Talk about truth in advertising.

This is the best part: besides the awfulness of the preservatives,
other junk additives, and the fact that partially hydrogenated soybean oil
is the second on the ingredient list after 
water, the allergen caveat at the end reads:

So let me get this straight: This is a faux sour cream, but anybody hoping it provides a dairy-free alternative would be mistaken - it still contains various frankenbits of overly processed dairy, but with a hefty dose of heart-eviscerating trans fats AND soy. And it's 80% calories from fat, so you can't even claim that you'd be buying it to satisfy some low-fat diet requirement. Why, for the love of single-ingredient ingredient lists, WHY would somebody think this is a superior purchase to, say, Daisy Sour Cream, which you can find and buy for essentially the very same price of ~$1/lb., and contains only GRADE A CULTURED CREAM?!



  1. Many low income families ingest this, form chronic diseases and we wonder why health care costs are so high *OY*

  2. Really? I'm shocked! Just when I thought I couldn't be surprised!!! I love the flavor or pure, rich, unadulterated sour cream. I can't even imagine how nasty this tastes!!! blech!

    1. Not bad, just made dip with it,bought it by mistake, thought it was just sour cream. Its not bad though.

  3. Doesn't this kill you? haha, literally. I find grocery shopping to be such a depressing experience. Almost nothing there is actually edible and it breaks my heart to see other people buying that junk! Especially young families and elderly. So sad.

  4. At least they're being honest! I mean, at least they didn't call it, "I can't believe it's not sour cream" when it couldn't be more glaringly obvious that it's not...

  5. bought this today and threw the whole tub away after only a tablespoon of it (eaten on three tacos).. it is disgusting, sweet yet rancid tasting.. never again will I skimp for sour cream..

  6. When you are extremely broke and in the dollar store and don't have a car and the regular grocery store is several miles away, it is indeed gross as a sour cream but with French onion Soup mix added or other things it can be an OK dip

    1. If you say so! This mess taste like GARBAGE.......I am sorry, I had to throw the crap out. Only ate a few tablespoons and it tastes totally off base, disgusting! Not the real deal. Never mind.

  7. It is terrible. I bought it as I thought it was sour cream. It was so bad I ended up googling it and discovered it is fake sour cream. Hence Yoders calls it sour "creams" plus it has trans fat and and other additives do not buy

  8. I just brought this crap from a dollar store closing down 20 cents each, I only saw sourcreme(take out the a and add an e). Opened one and it looked tasty with liquid on top. I tried it, it tasted gritty with no real taste so they did lie on the package great taste (for who pigs). French onion soup mix will add favor but why would want to eat it with all the junk they put in it. Unreal hit it right on the nose.

    The good side is I can use the containers. Peace


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