Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Menu Plan

I made a dynamite super slow roasted beef loin in the oven today - a very large one! The long cooking time left the meat very tender, and the flavor very concentrated. Fortunately (because it's so huge), I'm really looking foward to leftovers tomorrow!

Here's what's on the menu this week:

Breakfast - Steak, plus fruit for the girls
Lunch - Leftover blueberries, leftover sweet potatoes and pot roast from Sunday
Dinner - More steak! Plus a veggie stir fry of squash, carrots, and asparagus

Breakfast - Leftover veggie stir fry, whole milk yoghurt
Lunch - Kerrygold Ballyshannon cheese, warm banana pudding
Dinner - Beef loin roast

Breakfast - Leftover beef roast and apple slices for the girls
Lunch - Fried eggs
Dinner - Roasted butternut squash with cinnamon, romaine salad topped with shredded cheese and shredded leftover beef roast
Workout - Walking, and lots of it

Breakfast - Mashed boiled eggs with Kerrygold
Lunch - Creamy tarragon asparagus soup
Dinner - Sausage, bacon, and cheese quiche
Workout - Kettlebell swings

Breakfast - Garlic, onion, and cheese omelette
Lunch - Leftovers, whatever they may be
Dinner - Roast whole chicken, baked potatoes on the side
Workout - Lap swim

Preschool lunch ideas:
Lunchbox #50: Apple blueberry whole milk yoghurt, leftover stir fried veggies, sliced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes
Lunchbox #51: Chilled banana pudding topped with walnuts, leftover beef roast, whole milk yoghurt
Lunchbox #52: Boiled egg, leftover butternut squash, salad

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