Sunday, April 1, 2012

Have You Used Your $10 Off Any Purchase Vitacost Coupon? You Can Get BPA-Free Native Forest Organic Coconut Milk for $0.86/can!

Edited to add on Monday 4/2: the price of the coconut milk went up since the 4/1 posting - d'oh! Thanks to an anonymous commenter for the heads up.


I'm shopping Vitacost today - in the past few months, I've discovered that for a lot of items, Vitacost is price competitive to Amazon. (Also nice that to get the low price from Vitacost without having to buy those items in bulk the way I often do on Amazon!) Vitacost also carries some of the harder to find condiments and seasonings out there.

Best of all, the $10 off any Vitacost purchase coupon is still available to first time Vitacost customers, so those price competitive items can be ordered for around the cost of shipping, or $4.99.

Now, Native Forest Coconut Milk (noted by Chris Kresser as one of the only canned coconut milks free of BPA) is down to a new lower price of just $1.69/can on Vitacost, a decent discount from the ~$2/can price at my local Giant. I love using Native Forest to make recipes like Green Curry Dairy Free Chowder and Midwestern Red Beef Rutabaga Curry.

Here's how to work a sweet deal with this new lower price.


Optional: Go to and search for "Vitacost". Clicking to the website through ebates will get you an additional 4% cash back on your purchase - in this case it could be up to $0.60.


6 x Native Forest Coconut Milk = $10.14
Subtract your $10 off any purchase coupon -$10
Subtotal: $0.14
+ $4.99 shipping = $5.13

So, if you grab your free $10 off any purchase Vitacost coupon, you can score 6 cans of BPA free organic coconut milk for $5.13 (+ tax), shipped to your door. That's a bargain price at around $0.86 cents per can!

If coconut milk is not your thing, here are other posts showing some of the ways you could use your Vitacost coupon to get $10 worth of paleo and primal pantry staples shipped to your door for around the $4.99 shipping cost.

What Vitacost items caught your eye for using the $10 off any purchase coupon?


  1. Thanks for the info! The price on the coconut milk must have gone up since yesterday as it was over $12 for 6 cans today. I was able to get the 3 bags of coconut flakes for just shipping which is still a better price then the subscribe & save price on Amazon! Love a good deal. :O)

  2. D'oh, you are right - the price DID go up since I posted this. Must have been a temporary discount on that item. In any case there are still tons of paleo friendly products - like the coconut flakes that you mentioned! - that can be scored for cheaper than if they were bought elsewhere like Amazon. Hope that you enjoy!


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