Monday, April 23, 2012

Accidentally Deleted Comment

Admin note: A commenter had left a comment on "On Seizing Our Chance", describing his/her own struggles with getting motivated to Crossfit. I tried to hit "publish" for this comment, only for my fat fingertip to accidentally hit "delete" on my smartphone's tiny screen. That's what I get for trying to publish comments from a teeny interface!

If this commenter was you, please feel free to resubmit (because unfortunately it would appear that I have no way of retrieving deleted comments!). I'm sorry for the inconvenience!


  1. That was me, but I don't remember what I put anymore so it's not a big deal. Maybe it was the universe's way of saying to stop griping and just do it? :)

  2. Ha! OK, I'm glad I caught you - I was afraid you'd think you were being ignored or deleted when I was just trying to publish! Thanks for letting me know. :)

  3. I always delete stuff on accident. It makes me so sad! I seem to always do it to jenn from "leftover queen." She probably thinks I hate her or something. ;p


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