Monday, April 2, 2012

The Final Challenge Results

I've received my final numbers from our Crossfit box's nutrition challenge coordinator! Here are the big figures.

Between January 20 and March 24 (9 weeks, 1 day):

  • Dropped 6.75% body fat

  • Lost 19.28 lb. fat

  • Gained 1.78 lb. muscle (lean mass)

  • Lost 6.75" off my waist, 4" off my hips

Unfortunately my granny's cankles remain with me, something that no amount of paleo/Crossfit challenging will probably ever change. ;-p

This was one male participant's submitted "before/after".
A rock star gal at our box lost 7.17% body fat! She deserves huge congratulations for rocking our challenge. The guy who won the body comp challenge dropped 10 lb. fat and replaced it with 9 lb. muscle. Wow!! The before/after workout improvement winners also did a fantastic job.

Crossfit works. Paleo works. Community works. Challenging yourself works. Accountability works.


  1. Wow. You did an amazing job! Congrats on the muscle gain, fat loss, and all the other successes. :)

  2. WTG, A! Hope you're feeling good and proud of your results. Very impressive!!!


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